"My work must satisfy God's will and fulfill His purposes, for which I must utilize the finest of my skills and mindfulness in its execution."

An "Outsider" by many definitions, Perez works with mixed-media exploring concepts concerning his Christian faith, beauty, love, life, death, metaphysics, narrative, mathematics, philosophy, culture and art making itself.

Perez is a self-taught visual artist/photographer/designer/writer and a Pastor. With a vagabond mind and lifestyle, his journeys included running a Genetics Lab at Columbia University, acting and film making, marketing and ministry.

Perez has since honed his exploratory gatherings into a cohesive visual language and intent. His current series are lengthy projects with defined parameters testing not only his endurance, but his desire to journey a long path to a lofty place of enlightenment – artistically, intellectually and spiritually.

"Art flavors the world we consume."

Perez is a Pastor, whose missionary work is to bring genuine understanding of the living God through The Way.

Founder of UNUS ANIMA™.

"Give of yourself as you give of your efforts."

Image: Artist Robert Perez