One Soul...

What if you could put all that you do, all that you want, and all your hopes in one unified place, where they work seamlessly to produce all your goals with the same effort?

Not just your physical labor, this would include your inner world, as well. You would feel all your thoughts and actions, although seemingly disparate, assisting each other harmoniously for one purposeful endeavor that collectively overshadows each individual achievement.

Unus Anima™ and The Unus Anima Foundation™, a shared understanding that you are joining in on the fight against evils like, sex trafficking and climate change. A percentage of every sale goes to building the foundation to strengthen the resistance. All the products we consume should have a 'give back' program.



 "We are one. We have always been one. We will always be one. Heaven and Earth. God and Man. Unus Anima™ and The Unus Anima Foundation™ are the unification of all that I do, Artist and Pastor. One goal under one soul." - Artist Robert Perez