Pomme© À tout prix

About Pomme© À tout prix

Pomme© À tout prix explores consumerism, advertising, manipulation, subversion, culture, religion, good, evil, science, philosophy, history, art and the nature of man through conceptualization using language, visual compositions and symbolism in the manner of faux-vintage advertisement and propaganda posters.

Pomme© À tout prix is the forbidden knowledge from the red skull of man (the apple).

Pomme© À tout prix was created utilizing digitized images and fonts that are manipulated through the intentional use of very basic Photoshop techniques that the artist calls 'crappy and dirty, the opposite of polished skills, to create a "digital vintage poster" that may still seem new today, but will one day have the look of early digital manipulation". 

"Bon Bon disponibles à Pomme©" LIMITED-EDITION PRINT - 24 x 36 inches - Edition Size: 200